Process Safety Lab


The Process Safety Lab performs activities aimed at ensuring safe scale up, including determination of thermal stability of the intermediates, compatibility with the materials, study of runaway reactions, but also substantially contributes to the engineering of the process. Every synthetic step must be subject to process safety review before implementation at pilot scale.

Equipment includes:

  • Adiabatic calorimeter ARC 2000
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter Mettler DSC822, TC15
  • FT-IR Mettler probe (continuous monitoring of reaction)
  • Lasentech probe (particle size distribution during crystallization)
  • Calvet calorimeter Setaram C80 Setaram
  • Reaction calorimeter RC1 Mettler Toledo
  • DTA hot stage microscope system Mettler Zeiss FP90
  • Kuhner apparatus